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That promote the diversity of cultural expressions
National Policies
To ensure that Zimbabwe provides the best possible business, regulatory, technical and fiscal infrastructure to enable Zimbabwe’s creative businesses to flourish commercially and to increase overseas investment and trade in Zimbabwe’s creative industries.
  • Culture Matters speaks to the dual meaning of the traditional sociological conception of culture, generally limited to a repertoire of fine arts, and the “anthropological” one adopted by UNESCO in the 1980s, which understands culture as all expressive forms, values, beliefs, and practices present in human life; while also expressing optimism and the promise to ensure that women, children and youth own both their culture and human rights. It enables our partners and networks to interpret it in ways that are relevant to them in harnessing the enabling role of culture in the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions in Zimbabwe. Culture Matters emphasises the need for civil society, government and business to use cultural lens in their work. Culture Matters has been integrated within the Nhimbe logo and is prominently featured in all our communications across all segments.

  • Vision

    To have in place a vibrant and sustainable Zimbabwean cultural sector, sufficiently regulated and well resourced.


    To advocate for public policies that recognise, enhance and foster freedom of artistic expression and the contribution that culture make to the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe.