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That promote the diversity of cultural expressions
National Policies
To ensure that Zimbabwe provides the best possible business, regulatory, technical and fiscal infrastructure to enable Zimbabwe’s creative businesses to flourish commercially and to increase overseas investment and trade in Zimbabwe’s creative industries.

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Nhimbe is a non-profit arts advocacy organization based in Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Nhimbe works at the intersection of culture and development to foster local socio-economic development. The mission of Nhimbe Trust is to advocate for public policies that recognise, enhance and foster the contribution that cultural industries make to the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe. From 2012 to 2015 the Nhimbe Trust convened the Zimbabwe Creative Civil Society platform, whose committee drafted a civil society National Plan of Action for Arts and Culture (NPAAC)'
Through dialogue with members of the legislature and through grassroots action, Nhimbe has led creative civil society for national policies that recognize, enhance and foster the contribution the arts make to national social and economic development. Nhimbe’s development programmes in the performing arts sector have consistently contributed to structural action in youth and women empowerment.

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